2015 Christmas celebration story~

6:16 PM

Hey hey lovelies and foodies... Wish you guys Merry Christmas and have a blast yo... ^.^

Since today is the Christmas period, which means 2015 is going to end soon. Need to get prepare to say hello 2016.*excited* Although I have extra 2 months MC, doesn't mean everything is boring (as I'm thinking what to do and eat most of the time xD).

Just wanna share with you guys how I celebrate my Christmas (eve) this year. This would be my first time doing a Christmas celebration with hometown friends. Really feel lucky to know them and have this chance to celebrate with them.

Just a simple party as the organizer also having open house party at the same time. So, all we do is just chatting with each other, eating home cook foods and exchange presents when the clock strikes 12 a.m. I'm lucky enough to received 2 presents as we playing sorta lucky draw games. xD

I'm so sorry for can't share too much about food stories as all I can do is just having precious moment with my friends during party. Hope my next blog could share more about food stories. If lovelies and foodies have interesting stories, do drop a mail to queenbiifoodie@gmail.com  so that we could have a chat.

Wish you guys Merry Christmas and happy new year. ^.^ Love you guys and Foodilicious. ^3^

Mr Chooi a.k.a Mr Butler was with me for the celebration... xD
Party begins... Everyone is just excited to get presents... xD
These are the presents I got.. Thank you for making my life so happy and memorable.. :3

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