My life, my rule..

3:50 PM

Hi hi lovelies and foodies. Hope you guys have a beautiful day. There is nothing much for today's blog as I just wanna do some sharing. :)

Well well, I currently at hometown cause I still on MC due to my screw from the operated back bone keep on come out and not cooperate enough (luckily I have the chance for the food tasting before back to hometown.. xD). What can I do? Rest is the only choice I can do for now. Back to my KL life is not a bad thing for me though as many things for me to do and play.

Like I back to office for the first day, all colleagues and even my Managing Director really care about me. I feel lucky enough as they still keep me since I took more than 3 months rest. I love this company so much as I was being their part timer for almost 3 years ago and finally I'm their employee now. No matter good things or bad things happen to me in the future, I will just accept it peacefully.

Though I can't walk too much, KL life is not that bad as eating is all I can do. At KL, I crave for so many things to eat and yeah... here they goes into my mouth. xD Though only a week, I'm sure it will be more excited in future. Be positive as always. xD

Besides that, I just curious and need some advice from you guys. Is it a good thing to make yourself to be popular or stand out? I know I shouldn't have any negative thoughts, but yet still have someone out there wanted to be like you. I just keep asking myself is a good thing or a bad thing. Well, all I can say is just do whatever you want, as long as you love yourself is more important than others. If lovelies and foodies have advise or comments, do drop me a mail to to tell me what will you do.

Last but not least as always, pictures for sharing (though it might not look good.. ^^'') For your guys information, I will be having Pangkor Island trip with my family as it's been a long time didn't hangout with them. So, stay tuned with my next blog yo. Foodilicious :3

Homemade weekend breakfast by my KL aunt,
Ika sashimi is I love the most.. xD
Fried sotong is my favorite too... 
Yum yum yum
Only second day back to work, cupcake was treated by my Managing Director. Not bad at all.
Lovelies and foodies do not forget to check out the Interlude food tasting corner yo. xD

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