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Hey hey foodies~ hope you guys doing great as Christmas is coming soon as well. XD

Well, sharing with you guys is not only for fun, but its part of my job as well. I had a food tasting session few days ago (last Saturday, 12/12/15), which was organised by Food Ink (thank you very much for having me.. xD ). It's awesome as it's my first time being a so called food advisory and having fun with foods of cause. *excited mode on* xD

The tasting was located at TTDI, KL area and nothing comes easy (for me, I totally get lost on the way to the restaurant.. not sure is it easy for you guys a not.. ^^''). Though is quite far away for me, everything is super cool when the tasting begins. Including me, there are 9 of us (so called food adviser xD) and 11 dish of meal for tasting (woohoo... xD)

By naming "The 1st Tapas Bar in Malaysia", they serve us the famous Spanish snacks with ingenious taste of international. This modern style bar do have classy and relaxing environment for social events. At first you might thought you were in night-life styled club or pub, but this one is more than that. The owner, Rabin, was an experienced cook and managing skills were learnt from Australia culinary school for many years ago. I really do thought is just an ordinary western styled bar at first after I got the menu details before the tasting session begins. When the tasting session begins, I know I was wrong. 

Coming with a group of friends or members to have a gathering or chill out time, you might want to try their "Happy Hour" session as they do have special food to try out like Sweet Potato Wedges and etc. To be direct, this bar is a non-halal bar as they do serves pork. To pork lovers, you might want to try out 17 hour Slow Cooked Pork Belly (is amazing.. for me la.. ^^") and for the sweet tooth part, you might want to try out their Orange Cheesecake or Caramel Trifle

Although I might not include all price value for every dish, but they do cost affordable. I have a butler came to this bar at the same time with me to enjoy the food as a normal customer (no one know he is my butler and he is not only an ordinary butler, he was Japanese style cuisine manager and mystery shopper in F&B line.. xD). Based on his comments, he was so in love with the bar environment and food (Bacon & Chicken Sandwich) as it really taste awesome and make him really full (I guess the dish too big for him la.. xD). Though he have good comments, but he still have 1 not really good comment. If you guys wanna know, just drop a mail to so that I can tell you the secret. xD

Last but not least, took some pictures to share with you guys of course. Sorry if I'm not good in explaining or some details you might not really agree with, emails are welcome to give me comments and suggestions. Stay tuned and see you guys next time. Have a great day and Foodilicious. 

Interlude, 50, Lorong Rahim Kalai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.
03 - 7733 7119
Business Hours:
Tue - Sun : 4 p.m. - 2 a.m.
Mon : Closed
Location : Interlude Bar, TTDI
Interior design (is taken by the butler.. ^^")
The bar design.. look like we are in a club or pub..
Pork Nachos
Tortilla chips served with pork / chicken guacamole, sour cream and cheese
<RM 28>
Quattro Pork Pizza
Consist 4 types of pork as a family, lap cheong sausage, pork bacon, crispy pork belly and chorizo
<RM 28>
Nantua of Spaghetti with Seasonal Seafood
<RM 30>
Ultimate Interlude Pork Burger
Is a huge size and it served with chips although it looks nothing much special.
<RM 26>
**Add on prices:
Bacon = RM 4
Fried Egg = RM 4
Cheese = RM 4
Interlude's 250gm Beef Burger
Is served with 250 gram beef patty with onion rings.. yum yum..
<RM 32>
Chicken Sandwich
Toasted focaccia bread with crumbed chicken fillet, cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise and with fries
<RM 26>
**Add on prices:
Bacon = RM 4
Fried Egg = RM 4
Cheese = RM 4
17 Hours Pork Belly
Believe a not, it do takes 17 hours to make this pork belly delicious... yum yum
Bacon Sandwich
Toasted focaccia bread with pork bacon, cheese and Guinness barbecue sauce
<RM 28>
**Add on prices:
Bacon = RM 4
Fried Egg = RM 4
Cheese = RM 4
Chicken Parmagiana
Shallow fried chicken breast with marinara sauce and cheese served with chips and salad
<RM 30>
Caramel Trifle
Though it's small, but taste awesome for people with sweet tooth like me.
<RM 22>
Rainbow Shot
Colourful, but taste awesome. Have some alcoholic taste but still fine for me.
Bonus : Hi hi to other food taster like me~  xD

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