Nom Nom Nom at KL ^.^

10:14 PM

Hey hey foodies and lovelies. Hope you guys have an awesome day like always yo. ^.^

Today I just wanna do some sharing and seeking some advise from you guys. I'm at KL currently and my mind just keep wondering what can I do other than resting and eating all the time. I know I should just take this as an opportunity to rest and holiday. BUT... I just want to seek some part time / home based job to do so that at least I can do something. If you guys have any idea or suggestions, do drop me a mail to to have a chat maybe? >.<

Today I just had an awesome dinner with my relatives as we went to have Korean-style cuisine. I don't really get to have their dish name and location but all I know is just that the restaurant served us real deal. We were so full and I'm sure I will weight this month (happy mode on! xD).

So sorry for today's blog doesn't seems interesting, but do stay tune as next week I will be having food tasting at Publika area (I do have done some tech recce as well yo xD). Hope my story will be more fun on next blog. Have a nice day and Foodilicious.

Ginseng chicken soup... Really make me so full... xD
Our table is full of dish AND...
... some additional dish to try. xD
Yum yum... 
For seafood lovers.. this really make my tummy happy.. xD
Big cousin bro is busy with his meal...
"How does it taste?"
Everyone is just busy to have a try on their dish.. xD

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