Family and food memories on 191215~

11:52 PM

Hi hi foodies and lovelies. Though we currently on weekdays, as long as you guys love yourself, everything will be just fine. I would just like to share my holiday experience with my family last weekend which was on 19/12/15 (except my mom as she wanna work... >3<).

Well well... its been a long time didn't spend time with my family (like very lllooonnnggg time 0.0). Is a good dating opportunity with my family (a chance for dating with seafood as well xD). Everyone is quite nervous and excited as our trip destination is to Pangkor Island, Perak (cause the main transport to this island is ferry xD). Though is just a short trip, we booked homestay instead of hotel so that we can have normal family life feel (and it's quite affordable as my relatives share the budget among themselves). 

Others than swimming and walking around, eating is me and family can do most of the time. There are people in charge to prepare our dinner in our homestay (is a seafood barbecue yo xD) and all of us keep munch munch munch most of the time (I mean ALL of us xD). We love the seafood barbecue dinner as the fish and crabbies are so fresh.. xD. I couldn't explain that much as when you are having a pleasant moment, you won't think and comment too much. Just enjoy the moment is enough.

Except enjoying and playing as our activities, my family love to plan their eating activity most the time (that is why I was born.. xD). My family really busy planning what to eat for next day even we are still having our swimming activity. Though is just a short trip, spending time with family really makes me feel happy and satisfied with myself. How about foodies and lovelies? Do share with me about your story by dropping mail to  

As surprise, I actually do have body check up before the trip story begins. I'm not sure is a good thing or is a bad thing, my blood is not infected but my back bone screw keep came out and this make my doctor very worry till he gave me 2 months MC ^^''. Should I be happy? ^^" I do feel a bit confused after the check up, but when the trip starts, happy me is back. :)

As always, picture-time (might not as much as you guys thought as I enjoy the moment too much ^^"). Really wish and hope you guys love yourself and family when you have chance. Till next update and have fun always. Foodilicious. :)

PS: Sorry for not much food pictures as I enjoy the moment too much. Will update you guys more as I'm having food tasting/advisory next week yo. Stay tuned ya. ^.^

The first photo when we reached the homestay.. xD
Jom jom... let's go for a swim... xD
"Wah.. it's cute ponny.. xD," said by lil cousies.
Granny and relatives are watching something...
Watching big cousie and aunt playing happily.
"Come, say cheese.."
Swim swim swim is our job to play play play.
In the middle of barbecue dinner progress...
Everything is fresh.. xD
Nom nom nom is all we can do..
Bonus: Family photo. Sorry if my eye make you guys feel uncomfortable ^^''
Let's buy some souvenir as memory.
We are having dinner after we reached back home. Maybe you guys can visit D' Pine Cafe, Marina Island KM1, Teluk Meroh, 32200 Lumut, Perak for more details.
Nice decoration...
Wow... not bad yo.. xD
Kidsland... xD
Big cousies would like to relax only... xD

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